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Business Tax

There are a wide range of business tax obligations and liabilities. Which, at best they can be confusing. And at worst, can affect your profits or your legal status if poorly managed.

You may pay income tax on your business profits or Corporation Tax as a limited company. In which case, it’s important to understand what you can and can’t claim to reduce your taxable profits. With this insight you can plan accordingly, meaning you won’t be hit by an unexpected tax bill.

There are important differences in some areas between limited companies and unincorporated businesses. For example, limited companies need to have good accounting systems in place. This ensures the way the company is run will not result in additional tax being levied on employees or directors.

VAT Advice

The UK VAT system is one of the most complex tax regimes imposed on businesses. For example, there are a multitude of separate conditions, regulations and legislation to be aware of. The timing, type and value of the products or services you supply can affect it. Also, not everything is subject to VAT, with some products and services being either outside the scope, zero-rated or exempt.

Without the right advice many businesses inadvertently fall foul of the rules, resulting in overpaying or underpaying their VAT. Therefore, we’ll ensure that you adhere to the regulations and avoid penalties due to compliance issues. But, importantly, we’ll make sure that you do not pay more VAT than you need to!

  • Assistance with VAT registration

  • Alternative schemes such as Flat Rate and Margin Schemes

  • Timing Capital Allowances Claims

  • Corporation Tax Planning

  • Completing VAT returns for your approval

  • Tax problems with HMRC VAT office

  • Negotiating with HMRC in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals

Tax Planning

We work with you in a timely and proactive manner to minimise your company’s tax liabilities wherever possible. By helping you plan and manage your obligations, you’ll know how much to pay well in advance of the deadlines. Getting it right will minimise the risk of investigation by HMRC and avoid any penalties for late filing. So, if you feel that you would benefit from our Business Advice or Accountancy Services, then get in touch today?

Financial Health Check

If your business could benefit from a financial health check, then why not think about our ‘Business Breakthrough‘ accountancy package? This is a great exercise to help small businesses to analyse their existing accounting system and make improvements.

Accountants in Horsham

If you are looking for accountants in Horsham, Cranleigh or Guildford then Vital Statistics are perfectly suited for you. Based in Cranleigh, we are very close to the county border. So, we are ideal for anyone looking for tax advice or chartered accountants in West Sussex or Surrey.

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