• Business Breakthrough

    …review and reporting into your current financials.

    Vital Statistics - Business Breakthrough Package

Financial Health Check from a Business Advisor

Do you generally prefer to manage your own accounts? Or perhaps you would like the peace-of-mind that your current accounts system is working as it should be? If so then our Business Breakthrough package is perfect for you. It offers a quick way to ensure that your financials are operating smoothly.

How it works

One-hour fact-finding meeting via telephone or Skype

Two-hour analysis by an experienced, qualified accountant

One-hour feedback meeting

Written report on findings

*Access to your accounting system is required

Health check on your accounts system

We investigate your current method of processing transactions is producing reliable accounting information, and where can the processes could be improved?

Overview of current business

Expert advice on what your key numbers are saying about the health and wellbeing of your business.

Understand your profit

Greater awareness of how much profit is available to the business owner, and how it can be used or withdrawn

Tax Savings

We identify opportunities wherever there’s more to be claimed against profit, or a more tax efficient way of processing benefits.

Tax Warnings

We estimate your current tax liability and payment due date so that there are no unexpected shocks.

Help With Running Your Business

Learn how regular reviews and understanding your numbers can help you make the best business decisions.

Accountancy Packages for Businesses of All Sizes

Take a look at our other accountancy packages, or  get in touch to discuss your business and together we can determine the package that is best for you.

Vital Statistics

Day-to-day tax and accountancy management.

Powerplus Reporting

Optional add-on to the Accounts & Tax package, for greater understanding of financials.

Business Advisory

Expert review and detailed analysis of business performance and potential.

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