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Accountancy Packages

To improve our service offering we have carefully tailored four accountancy packages for you to choose from. These packages should cover most of your accountancy requirements. If not however, we do of course provide core accountancy services. If you would like to discuss any of the packages on this site, then please do get in touch.

Package 1 – Business Breakthrough

If you manage your own accounts, this half-day package will give your business a quick financial health check. It will give you the peace-of-mind that everything is working as it should be. You don’t need to be a client and there’s no pressure to move from your current accountant.

Package 2 – Vital Statistics

Our flagship accountancy package covers all the bases. It has been designed to deliver all of your accountancy services throughout the whole financial year. It’s a flexible package that covers day-to-day accounting with quarterly and yearly reviews. It’s an agreed monthly cost so there’ll be no surprises.

Package 3 – PowerPlus Reporting

For greater financial insight, this package is the perfect add-on to the ‘Vital Statistics’ package. It will help you to understand your accounts and give you a better insight into how your business is performing. Thus allowing your to increase your profit and grow your business.

Package 4 – Business Advisory

This package will help you to learn exactly which parts of your business are more profitable. And, importantly, which parts of the business are less profitable. Our finance director service helps you to make informed decisions on which parts of your business to focus on. Or which parts to curtail!