Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

When you work with Vital Statistics, running your business is easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. Because we’ll manage all the parts of the business that we find fascinating… but you most likely don’t.

We thrive on figures and live for numbers! Whilst it’s important to know your numbers are correct, it’s not really about number crunching. True business potential can only be achieved by understanding what your numbers are saying. With the proper financial insights, they tell can a story about the way your business is being run.

Accountancy Services

Your business is unique and that’s why we offer core accountancy services alongside tailored accountancy packages for businesses of all sizes. We’ll work with you and ensure that everything is compliant, and your business is reaching its full potential. As a bespoke accountancy practice, we support individuals and businesses in all aspects of their accounting needs.

Vital Statistics was established by Barbara Martin, a qualified chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience. In that time, Barbara has been providing accountancy services and acting as a business advisor to both individuals and SME’s. Vital Statistics offers the service and professionalism of larger organisations, but without the associated costs. If you would like to discuss how Vital Statistics can help you with  your accounts, then get in touch today.

Business Advice and Financial Strategy

It’s all about knowing your numbers! However, far too many people hide from them. But knowledge is power. And that knowledge is gained when we start to look at your business in depth. It’s then that we can start to uncover the potential for greater profit, greater business success and greater satisfaction.

We are here to help you define your business needs and improve your accounting systems. On top of that, we offer tailored business advisory services to help you manage your business in the most tax efficient way. So, if you would like professional help with your accountancy or financial strategy then get in touch with us today

Accountants in West Sussex & Surrey

If you’re looking for business advisors or accountants in Cranleigh, Horsham or Guildford then Vital Statistics are perfect for you. Based in Cranleigh, we are very close to the county border, so we cover both regions. Our clients vary in size from individuals to SME’s and are based throughout West Sussex and Surrey.

Barbara Martin - Chartered Accountant
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