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Half-day review and reporting into your current financials.

Vital Statistics

Flexible package for accountancy and tax management done.

Powerplus Reporting

Regular management meetings for a better understanding of your business numbers.

Business Advisory

Expert review and detailed analysis of business performance and potential.

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Accountancy is exciting!

Yes, you read that right.

If you are not working with an accountant who takes a modern, holistic approach to your finances then you could be missing out on valuable insights and creative out-of-the-box thinking, and your business could be missing out on growth and profits!  Holistic means we look at both your business performance and personal income requirements, so we can optimise the amount of profit you take from the business, and minimise the tax you pay.

Vital Statistics is breaking the myth that accountancy is a chore. We’re passionate about seeing businesses grow and take a proactive approach to helping you improve your figures.  So instead of waiting for your year end to give you historic information, we work with you though the year to help your business prosper.

We are here to ensure that you know your numbers so you can identify relevant benchmarks, take action and monitor improvements.  That way you can accurately plan for the future, and we want to take this journey with you.

If you are looking for an accountant who is business savvy and fun to work with, yet provides you with valuable education and insights then look no further.


Annual accounts preparation and advice for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Personal Tax

Tax returns and planning for company directors, sole traders and partnerships.

Business Tax

Advice and assistance with compliance and business tax reporting obligations.

Business Advisory

Financial strategy, forecasting and detailed insights to maximise business profitability.

Payroll Services

Outsource the management of payroll and PAYE so that you can focus on your business.

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We believe that forward-thinking accountants should do more than simply crunch the numbers. Great accountancy is about knowing how these numbers work so that we are in a prime position to advise growing businesses, helping them to recognise new ways in which to increase profit and ensure their sustainability.

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The ultimate guarantee of quality, integrity, qualifications and experience.

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